fox-imageThe multi-function jointer

Current fashions encourage designs which increasingly merge the house and garden to create the home. In both these areas it is important to start from the floor up, quite literally, so that both the interior and exterior reflect the tastes of the occupants.
The innovative multifunctional connector "FoX" by Hoffmann creates a unique design freedom, for an exquisite environment.

The FoX Key is made of natural rubber and can be used for all the traditional garden furniture wood such as black locust Bangkirai, Massaranduba, Garapa, Douglas fir, larch and pine. As well as thermally treated beech and ash (Thermo wood) and for wood-plastic composites WPC.

FoX allows quick and easy assembly of the wooden planks on the prepared surface. It is manually inserted into the pre-routed slots on the reverse side of the timber, piece by piece until the desired size of the area to be covered is achieved. Grid patterns, either longitudinally or transversely orientated, or in a combined grid pattern can be made to customers desired choice. They can be manufactured with or without joint- spacing and the drainage distance between the wood and the prepared surface is determined by the length of the routed Fox slot.

For routing the Fox slots (fixing grooves) in the wooden planks and to ensure a snug fit of the Fox Key, Hoffmann offers different machine options. These range from the simple hand held machines and bench-top models to the free-standing and bespoke made machine designs.

Technical data

Material: natural rubber / kautchuk  |  Floor spacing: 12 mm  |  Joint widths: 4 mm

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